The unique RS Barcelona football tables for indoor and outdoor are especially dedicated to all those children who at one time or another said that “Adults don’t play, just work.” They are a spectacular reinterpretation of one of the all-time classics of game culture.

They are items that show that playability, design and luxury go hand in hand for maximum enjoyment. They imbue any room with playful attitude and are a true commitment to rediscovering the spirit of the short distance game to live an experience intense moments with those around you.

RS Barcelona’s goal was to take the foosball table out of the garage and move it into the most lively spaces: hotel’s lobbies, business spaces, restaurants and bards. We aimed for them to speak the language of design, dialogue with the furniture and seduce in any environment. A language of art, supreme quality and timelessness, to stand the test of time and fleeting trends.

They are design football table and much more. They are experiences. Unforgettable moments. They are a way of understanding and facing life that can be summed up in one commitment: intense living. At the bar or the lobby. In the rooftop by the pool. In the leisure or game space. You choose the place. Choose the model that suit the best your aesthetic style and enjoy it.

RS2: The Icon

This is where all began. It was the first RS Barcelona football table. A game table that highlights and makes a difference with its industrial design, sleek lines, elegant colours and exquisite details, such as its glass-holders for all four players, its rubber-base leveller, and its high quality materials and finishes.

It’s an item that contains moments of fun: laughter in the hotel bar with friends; or during some after work, scoring a few stress-busting goals.

It’s manufactured in steel with a micro textured polyester paint finish, or in stainless steel in the case of the outdoor models. Thanks to its high-quality, hardwearing materials, this table is ready for intense use and a long life at your side.

After 15 years since its release, the design of the authentic RS2 remains and continues to be and will remain an iconic piece. For its design, its essence, its meaning, and for all the lived moments it captures.

RS3 Wood: The Warmth of Wood

With the RS3 Wood football table, a new player enters the game. Playtime with a touch of wood. A warmer design for those who know that the combination of two good ingredients always produces superb results.

The RS3 Wood is the natural progression of our determination to push the boundaries. The secret lies in knowing how to mix, in achieving a balance between the elements so that each one gives its best. We did not choose just any wood. The chosen one is iroko, an outdoor wood that shares with metal its great strength and durability. Two essential requirements to be part of the RS Barcelona foosball tables’ team. The essence remains untouched to enjoy the game without sacrificing design in a product born to live outdoors.

It is made of steel with cataphoretic coating process with polyester paint. Maximum quality for an intense use and to withstand the weather conditions outdoors.

RS3: Pop Art is for Everyone

The RS3 football table injects colour into the game. Its look, with thin legs, is lighter and pop, but the steel structure bestows the same sensations and performances as RS Barcelona entire football table collection: playability, durability and design to enjoy it with the enthusiasm of a kid but with the strength of an adult.

It’s a design football table manufactured in steel with cataphoretic coating process and polyester to ensure maximum strength and durability both indoors and outdoors. A foosball table for all publics and all spaces. A perfect item for common spaces bars and hotels.

RS Max: the More the Merrier

The RS Max is the long brother of the RS3 Wood football table. We’ve stretched it out and resized it to double the fun and make it the ideal game for community spaces and group settings. More players. More laughter. More goals. More excitement.

Instead of the 4 players of the classic foosball table, the RS Max invites 8 people to play for maximum fun. Thus, this football table exploits its full potential and huge personality.

It is made of high quality materials, steel with cataphoretic coated steel with polyester paint and iroko wood legs, to withstand the intense use and fun of many players and to resist the weather outdoors. Its sturdy structure provides stability for precise and perfect play.

Customizable Football Table

RS Barcelona foosball tables are customizable. You can choose your favourite teams, choose the line up (3-3-4 or 2-5-3), players with one or two feet, the colour of their skin or if you want them to be boys, girls or mixed teams. Yes, you read that right, RS Barcelona foosball tables are the first to incorporate female players as a standard in their playing pitch, where all we play on an equal footing.

We can even put logos in the centre of the field or on the players. So you can design your own football table and turn it into a unique and incomparable item.

It’s a Football Table. It’s a Dining Table

RS Barcelona foosball tables are much more than just design game tables. With an idea as simple as original, we have turned them into original dining tables. The RS Dining are a whole experience at the table. An ingenious idea brought to life in which gastronomy, playtime and design go hand in hand at the most outstanding table in the restaurant or bar. We put a glass top over our iconic RS2, RS3 Wood and RS Max to use them as a table and a football table at the same time.

It all begun with the collaboration with the renowned chef José Andrés who wanted to incorporate our foosball tables in his Jaleo restaurants in the United States. His Word was our command. And what started as a customization of one of our foosball tables, has become one of the most eye-catching product of the RS Barcelona catalogue. A football table at which to eat, or a dining table at which to play.