As recently reported, Roootz are a donator of WeForest and with the purchase of every three luggage racks, one tree is planted in India. Check out that news release by clicking here.

Following on from this truly incredible gesture, our team got in touch with Dieke de Koning, the owner of Roootz, for further comment on the subject. “We all see the effects of climate change around us. Extreme weather, drought, floods, forest fires, melting ice caps, animals in distress, dying plant species and animal species, and also people who are confronted with violent natural disasters. It hurts us to see that humanity no longer lives together with nature, but takes what it wants without thinking about the consequences. “These are events that we as a company cannot close our eyes to. For us, the question was not whether to do something, it was HOW to do something. Where do you start, and does it make sense if you do something relatively small? And what can you do in that case? “In our search for answers to these questions, we came across WeForest in 2016. This non-profit organization wants to reduce the CO2 emissions on earth by planting trees so that a better balance will be created in nature. We do not believe that we as a company can save the world, but we sincerely hope that we can inspire companies and in this way, TOGETHER, create a world in which we give and take. Where people live more in balance with everything around them.” WeForest offer immediate solutions for companies to do their bit for the climate. If you’d like to see how you can help, visit this link.