Hoteliers can now respond directly to guest reviews on Google and Booking.com without having to leave the ReviewPro platform, sign-in to another review site, or spend time searching for specific reviews to write a response. This new functionality allows hoteliers to instantly respond to guest reviews.

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The API also offers a solution to hoteliers who want to respond to the increasing volume of Google reviews, but are cautious about giving staff access to the company Google account for security reasons. Staff can now respond directly to Google reviews without having access to the Google company logins, and directly from the ReviewPro platform. Clients are already able to respond to TripAdvisor reviews from the tool, and the development to integrate responding to Google and Booking.com directly means that for some clients up to 80% of respondable reviews will be accessible directly from the ReviewPro platform. Google provides access to their reviews free of charge, while Booking.com charge hoteliers on a sliding scale based on the number of rooms at the property.

“A key part of a successful hotel guest experience strategy is replying to guests, and we have taken the pain out of that process by dramatically reducing administrative time associated with the critical task of responding to guest reviews on the leading OTAs and review sites.” Says RJ Friedlander, CEO of ReviewPro, “We are delighted to be the first company in the online reputation management space to offer this kind of API and to empower our hotel clients to be more responsive to their guests.”

This development is the first of its kind in the industry and marks another step in ReviewPro’s commitment to product innovation, driven by our close collaboration with hotel clients to allow them to deliver better guest experiences and increase guest satisfaction, online rankings, and revenue. [email protected] About ReviewPro: ReviewPro is the world leader of Guest Intelligence solutions, with more than 55,000 hotels in 150 countries. ReviewPro’s Global Review Index™ (GRI), the industry-standard online reputation score, is based on review data collected from 175+ OTAs and review sites in 45+ languages. The company’s cloud-based Guest Experience Improvement Suite™ includes Online Reputation Management, Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Auto Case Management, and an innovative Guest Messaging Hub. The tools and processes that ReviewPro provides enable clients to prioritize operational/service improvements to deliver better guest experiences and increase guest satisfaction, online rankings, and revenue.