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Return to Sender are supplying face-masks handmade by women in Bangladesh, helping them build a future


Return to Sender are suppliers of high quality products handmade by women in some of the poorest regions in the world, giving them the help they need to build a life for them and their families. Providing employment to women in developing countries and allowing them to earn a fair wage not only helps them to become more independent and escape the poverty cycle, but helps towards worldwide women employment, empowerment and education.

These high quality face-masks are made in Bangladesh, and are made from Bio cotton, so they are soft and comfortable yet also breathable. Also, the double layer design allows a filter to be put into the masks.  They are made of residual products from the producer, so they are also extremely durable, and are washable at 60 degrees. They can be purchased with a matching hip bag.

Founded in 2006 by Tessa Vos, Maarten Van Huijstee and Katja Ashuurman, Return to Senders income gets sent directly back to the maker (hence ‘Return to Sender’) which contributes to a much better salary for the women. Katja, on one of her many travels, discovered that sometimes the poorest in the world are full of extreme drive and ambition, not lacking in talent or willpower, but possibilities and opportunities. So during a trip to India, Katja had a vision of fair trade being a drive behind sustainable development, and so Return to Sender was born.

Seven of the top Dutch designers, along with professionals from developing countries, develop the annual design collection. A massive collection of products with each different line inspired by the different materials and techniques from the country and the designers in-depth knowledge of colour and shapes. This means that two worlds are working in tandem with one another to make one unique, high quality, ethical product with a special story. Return to sender have already supplied more than 8,800 jobs worldwide to those in developing countries by selling over 2 million products to date.

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