How do you develop your ideas for new designs, products and services?

Our Product Innovation Team of designers, engineers and constructors knows the market and deals with current and future requirements of the working world. These result from the digitization of office work, from new, flexible forms of work and from the now increasingly used home office and coworking area, which complement the office in the company. We are also open to ideas from the workforce, e.g. from customer service. Whether an idea has potential and is pursued is decided across teams as part of a monthly innovation board. Here, product development, management, supply chain management, sales and marketing sit at one table.
On this basis, we develop new, sometimes innovative products and systemic furnishing solutions that respond to these requirements sustainably. This also applies to our planning services, with which we design individual working environments for our customers. What drives us every day we have formulated as a leitmotif: “We create the future of the world of work so that people want to develop their full potential.”

What is your best-selling product and what are your most requested services? What are the reasons for this?

In recent years, we have launched many new developments on the market, which have been awarded innovation and design prizes and are in high demand. Top sellers are the models of the electrically height-adjustable desk series Masterlift® and our modular furniture construction system Masterbox®, which serves as a modular system for all storage furniture as well as for office kitchens and reception counters. The great advantage of this system is that each piece of furniture is infinitely flexible and remains permanent, because it can be changed in size and function at any time and also conveniently transferred to other locations. The special highlight, on the other hand, is that construction and conversion work without tools. By the way, every layman succeeds quickly and effortlessly. Because the system consists entirely of filigree and yet very robust steel, it achieves a very long service life and can be completely returned to the material cycle via recycling.

The first of the two most requested services is detailed advice — by telephone and at our locations in Meerbusch and in Biebertal near Giessen, where we operate Germany’s largest office furniture exhibitions. Here, visitors experience a representative overview of modern office furnishings with which attractive, flexible working environments can be designed. However, our planning service, which we offer in service packages with different scopes, is also in high demand on the customer side. In this way, our interior designers and specialist planners create tailor-made furnishing solutions of any size.

Do you have new products in the pipeline?

Our Product Innovation Team is constantly involved in new developments. This currently includes a sound-reducing acoustic table top, which contributes to a quiet atmosphere in seminar and conference rooms. The upholstered bar stool Finnio®, which offers a very wide height adjustment range, fits perfectly into our Masterbox® kitchens due to its reduced design and will also cut an inviting figure at hotel bars. The completely newly developed Trofeo® swivel chair provides a homely impression at office workplaces, which invites you to active and changing seating positions thanks to its sophisticated design and combines high-quality design with good seating comfort. We have just launched the electrically height-adjustable, compact corner desk Masterlift® 2, which closes the gap between corner tables in other sizes due to the width of 180 cm and the depth of 120 cm.

How do your products and services outperform your competitors?

We always make sure that we give our customers a recognizable added value with our products, i.e. practical performance advantages at a favorable price-performance ratio.
Three examples of this are the Masterbox® modular furniture system, which is practically infinitely flexible, the Phonix® telephone booth thanks to its equipment with an electrically height-adjustable seat that can also be used as a table, and the Leister® acoustic system with a particularly good sound-absorbing foam from the automotive industry.

As far as services are concerned, we offer full service around every order, to the extent desired by the customer. This starts with consulting, by telephone and in our exhibitions, and continues with the photorealistic planning of projects of any size, through ordering, delivery and assembly on site. In addition to fulfilling an order, we guarantee our customers the long-term reordering of all Inwerk products, which promises our customers long-term investment security.