By Joe Frodsham, Marketing Assistant

AEREKS is a leading manufacturer of indoor air and surface disinfection equipment and has been for more than 21 years. They have numerous national and international awards and are members of international associations, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In a bid to find out more about the inner workings of AEREKS, I shared a Zoom call with Nina Skorokhod, the Head of International Sales, and asked her some questions about the company, AEREKS air sanitiser products, and goals going into 2022.

I asked Nina how AEREKS stands out as a company in the constantly growing market that is air disinfectors and recirculators, and Nina explained the quality, reliability and efficiency of the technology they use in their products is second to none. The AEREKS engineers worked extremely hard to make each device work optimally for the space that they are designed to sanitise. This is done by testing the many variables of UV air sanitising, such as the power and quality of the UV lamp and the power of the fan, and ensuring the air sanitiser to be able to efficiently clean the air in the chosen area. The three main aspects, UV bactericidal flow power, distance to the target area, and exposure time, must be balanced perfectly, which the AEREKS engineers have mastered. So, when choosing a device, AEREKS customers can be sure the capacity of the device perfectly corresponds to the space to be disinfected.

When I questioned Nina about the inspiration for the design aspect of the products, she pointed out that AEREKS are manufacturers, and consequently are very flexible with the styling and design of their devices. They can produce any texture, colour and material of the sanitisers body to suit any style or decor of any hotel. She also mentioned that AEREKS are in the middle of the negotiation process regarding a limited edition of recirculators designed by a young talented designer from the Middle East, who she is not authorised to name.

I asked Nina if there were any goals or aspirations that AEREKS would like to achieve in 2022. Nina said firmly that it was for AEREKS is to penetrate the European air sanitisation and recirculator market. AEREKS already has dealerships in Slovenia, and are aiming to have 3 dealerships up and running in Europe by the end of 2022, targetting Austria and the United Kingdom to give them a strong foothold in the European market.

Trying to find out more about air sanitising in hotels, I then proceeded to enquire about which AEREKS products would be suited to work in different areas, such as in the guest room, in the hotel lobby, or in the hotel restaurant. Nina proceeded to recommend a thorough, complex disinfection approach for the hotel lobby: during the daytime, when the lobby is at its busiest, the Standard M, which is a compact desktop air sanitiser model, is a great choice for the reception desk. It thoroughly purifies the air in a 3m³ radius and is safe to be in close contact with, which is perfect for the front desk area as it is where guests can tend to congregate and mill about, go to check-in & out of the hotel and to speak to staff, so the utmost safety in that area off the hotel lobby is paramount, for both guests and employees.

For the rest of the hotel lobby, any of the Standard line or the more powerful Pro line that fit the dimensions of the area that you want to sanitise are a great choice, as the full amount of the air is being decontaminated within a short period of time, on the condition the model is chosen in accordance with the corresponding capacity. For nighttime in the hotel lobby, the direct exposure irradiators are perfect for making surface disinfection fast and efficient. You must make sure there are no people inside, as the irradiators use powerful UV lights that are harmful to the eyes and skin. Using this combination of both air and surface sanitisers in the hotel leaves zero chance for viruses to spread, and is the most effective way of protecting people inside your hotel. The AEREKS Robot Pro (below) is another great remedy against all types of causing agents around hotel lobby or restaurants. It can be operated remotely with a purpose-built app, in the same way a robot vacuum cleaner works – you can plan a path for the sanitising robot, and let it run its course around the hotel, purifying the air as it goes!

For hotel rooms, Nina recommended the Standard recirculators, as they are a perfect combination of concise design and powerful disinfection capacity in one device. The Standard 15 would be the ideal choice for smaller guest rooms, and the Standard 2×15 for the larger guest rooms (up to 60m²), it is also harmless to stay in the room whilst the device is operating. This paired with the OBPR-S model (below), which is a portable, lightweight irradiator, would thoroughly purify the air in any bedroom and protect hotel guests. The OBPR-S is a more powerful air sanitiser, that can be taken from room to room by cleaners, it does, however, use powerful UV lights that are harmful to the eyes and skin.

AEREKS even have recirculators for hotel cabs and taxis! It’s no secret that the risk of contamination is significantly higher in small enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, such as taxis and elevators. AEREKS’ engineers have developed a solution for cars and taxis – the Trans Avia recirculator (below) is a small recirculator that can be easily attached to the car seat and powered from the car charger plug. Make sure your passengers are safe during the ride and let them know you care by placing the “AEREKS BACTERICIDAL SAFETY ZONE” sticker on the taxi passenger door!

Nina went on to say that for elevators – small enclosed spaces with poor ventilation – use AEREKS Standard 8, which is very affordable in price, yet perfectly efficient. While all the pandemic limitations lead to business stagnation, you can take care of your employees and guests by installing one of AEREKS’ devices! Using AEREKS air and surface disinfection devices will give hotels a competitive advantage at times of the COVID-19 pandemic!