House of Rohl is recognised for its commitment to craftsmanship and quality in bathroom fixtures. Can you provide an
overview of the company’s philosophy and how it translates into the design and production of your products?

When Ken Rohl, an American salesman, visited Europe for the first time he was struck by the exceptional quality of kitchen and
bathroom fittings. Having discovered that no one was importing them to the United States, he decided to do it himself. Over
four decades, Ken and his sons built a highly successful business. Today, the House of Rohl is part of Wall Street-listed group,
Fortune Brands Innovations, but the ethos remains the same; to uncover stories of design and craftsmanship, and to bring
products of substance and meaning into people’s homes and properties.

Sustainability is a growing concern in the design industry. How does House of Rohl incorporate eco-friendly practices into
its manufacturing processes, and what steps are being taken to ensure sustainability in future product developments?

Our new state-of-the-art 270,000 sq ft facility in Staffordshire is in the top 10% of new builds for energy efficiency. It represents
an investment in UK manufacturing of tens of millions of pounds, and as we add new production capacity we will be adopting
the latest, most energy-efficient manufacturing processes. This year will will launch a number of products with a strong
emphasis on sustainability. For example, a new Victoria + Albert freestanding bath is designed to provide a comfortable and
satisfying soak with a much lower volume of water. Designed with hospitality projects in mind, it will be available from May.
There is now an expectation that premium brands will offer sustainable solutions without significantly compromising style or
performance. Specifying products that are high quality and can easily be maintained or repaired is inherently sustainable,
reducing waste to landfill or saving the energy required for recycling.

What are some key trends you’ve observed in luxury bathroom design for hotels, and how does House of Rohl stay ahead
of these trends to offer innovative solutions?

The idea of the bathroom as a wellness space, a place to be rejuvenated, away from the stresses of daily life, has become firmly
established in recent years. Boutique and luxury hotels have pioneered this trend, making bathrooms larger, more comfortable
and often more integrated with the room as whole. There has been a move back to bathing, with a new appreciation that time
spent soaking in the tub is not wasted, but beneficial for mental health and wellbeing. Victoria + Albert’s new Lussari bath, for
example, is available as a compact freestanding model, a back-to-wall bath, and a sleek and sculpted corner bath, so that even
awkward or smaller bathroom spaces can feature the luxury of a freestanding bath.

In your opinion, how has the definition of luxury in bathroom design evolved over the years, and what role does House of
Rohl play in shaping these evolving standards?

Hotel designers are spending much more time planning bathroom designs, making spaces more decorative, more comfortable
and more individual. Care is taken to choose unique, high quality fittings that perfectly suit their environment. The House of
Rohl works extremely closely with many leading designers, and so new products and features often arise from the needs of
particular projects. House of Rohl brands such as Victoria + Albert and Riobel have led the emergence of matt finishes in recent
years. These luxurious finishes defuse the light beautifully, creating a softer ambience in the bathroom that encourages rest and

What sets House of Rohl above its competitors?

Our family of brands are united in their belief in craftsmanship; where quality starts with the material and design is in the detail.
There is no equivalent to the House of Rohl as a single place to specify bathroom fittings from distinctive and individual brands,
knowing that they will work together, with the long-term support of a Fortune 500 company.