Qraft Lighting is a British based decorative lighting manufacturer with a passion for design and crafting beautiful luminaires for the hospitality and residential market, whilst prioritising attention to detail, exceptional quality and craftsmanship. I got the chance to speak to Ganesh Prasad the Founder/Director at Qraft Lighting about everything from new product launches and memorable projects to the effects of the global pandemic and their company goals for 2022.

I started by asking Ganesh what the inspiration behind Qraft Lighting was and how it shows within the company ethos. Ganesh promptly answered by explaining that the inspiration stems from all of the talented people within the company. The team’s roots are varied and originate from lighting, interior & product design and manufacturing; meaning that together they understand the challenges in lighting specification, particularly when concerning bespoke lighting. It was this that primarily prompted and sparked the brainchild that is Qraft Lighting. Another huge contributing factor to the company ethos is that Ganesh wanted to establish a brand that not only delivered creative and quality crafted lighting but was also nothing but open, honest and trustworthy.

Keen to find out more about Qraft Lighting, I asked Ganesh to tell me more about their main target market. He responded by telling me that without a doubt their main target market is the hospitality and residential market, but within this header there sits a broad spectrum of sub categories. For example, Qraft Lighting have recently worked on several high profile hospitality projects, which they hope to be able to share in the near future. You heard it here first, watch this space! In the near term future Ganesh is striving for Qraft Lighting to continue to strengthen their brand within the existing sectors and to continue to grow their outreach globally. They have already worked extremely hard on this and currently have a number of partners in Europe, Asia and the Middle Eastern region. Ganesh explained that he believes in building strong foundations and executing their practises to an outstanding level and the growth will continue.

With the core team at Qraft Lighting originating from the industry itself, they understand fully what their customers need, what they value and what is important to them. It’s qualities like this that really sets Qraft Lighting above their competitors. Ganesh told me that they understand that every project often requires a unique design, and a core strength of the company is that they are able to offer a completely bespoke service to their clients. This has been really well received and they continue to listen, support and open up their manufacturing capabilities to help create custom designs no matter how big or small the changes. There is nothing more important to Ganesh and his team than the people and clients they work with, as their service does not simply end at the point of sale. Qraft Lighting want their clients to feel supported throughout the process and to receive only the best after care.

Ganesh had put a huge emphasis on how important quality service was to him and his team, which was really great to hear and something of high importance to any future client. Service aside, their products really do speak for themselves and I wanted to know more from Ganesh about one of his proudest moments for Qraft Lighting. He went on to explain that their Uno portable table lamp was recently short-listed as a finalist for the Mixology North21 Product of the Year awards in the lighting, Technology & Accessories category. The product look a long time to develop and it was a very proud moment for everyone in the company to see it so well received within the industry. It has two very unique features, which many competitors are not currently able to offer and this includes the QI wireless charging technology, which charges the lamp. The same charging pad is also compatible with mobile phones, making it completely multi-use. Not only this but it also integrates the latest cutting edge Dim To Warm LED technology, which changes the hue and appearance of the light whilst you dim.

Qraft Lighting have a whole host of incredibly crafted products and their best selling product; the bedhead recessed capsule reading light is no exception! Their hospitality clients adore the product as it is a very unique design and is discreet in size, whilst not compromising on functionality and elegance. However, one of Ganesh’s personal favourite products is the Uno portable table lamp, which continues to spark a strong interest in the market and he can’t wait to see how far it can go in 2022. Qraft Lighting have a number of new products in the pipeline, set to release this year but we are just going to have to wait until they release for further details! Ganesh assured me that they are exciting additions that will compliment the already existing range perfectly.

The product range speaks for itself but the fact that Qraft Lighting can offer a bespoke design service was something I wanted to delve into a little further so I asked Ganesh what his favourite project had been that the company had been a part of. He said that they recently completed a chandelier project at Eaton Square Secondary School in Mayfair London. The project was for a few public areas, however the heritage interior made the project that much more interesting and challenging. Despite this, the design team did a phenomenal job and Qraft Lighting managed to create a great solution which everyone was very pleased with and proud of.

As our interview was nearing a close, I was intrigued to find out how Qraft Lighting had been affected by the global pandemic. Ganesh explained that it was a very tricky time for the company to navigate, but that being said he is extremely proud and happy to say that they have managed to maintain all of their staff throughout the pandemic as they’ve always been focussed on being efficient. As a result of this, it has created an explosion of creativity and excitement internally around some new products, which they will bring to the market in the near future. In summary, as a company, their ambition has grown tenfold and they’ve had more time to plan and they hope to create more as a result. Their goals for 2022 are focussed all around growth. In a relatively short time frame; the response, support and engagement from their client base has been fantastic and as a result Qraft Lighting have managed to exponentially grow their list of collaborators, client base and supporters of the brand. As a bi-product of this they have grown their local support teams around the world in key locations such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Ganesh explained that they hope to continue to support their large hotel brand clients in creating beautiful spaces with light, build on their fantastic reputation for quality and design creativity and bring more awareness to the brand.