The Prostor P7 is a single umbrella that has 300 degrees of rotation, which makes it perfect for sunbeds and stand-alone tables because it can track the sun as it goes across the sky, giving your guests protection throughout the day! Comping equipped with remote-controlled LED lights that can be dimmed and with an easy opening and closing mechanism and enough room to keep a table and chairs fixed without needing to move them to open the umbrella, the Prostor P7 is the perfect shade solution for the poolside and for your hotel garden. Hotel News The Prostor P7 is a great shade solution for an outside seating area, with its best feature being the rotation of the umbrella, with the option to lock it in place. This allows the umbrella to provide shade for a wider area of seating than a fixed parasol, as the umbrella can be rotated to suit the current position of the sun. The Prostor P7 comes in lots of colour schemes, with the added option of customising the metal stand as well, allowing many smart colour combinations to be achieved, fitting any hotels style and setting. It is also available in larger sizes, as the regular single Prostor P7 umbrella is 2.5 metres wide, the Prostor P7 XL is 3 metres wide, the circular (RND) umbrella is 3.5 metres wide, and finally, the RND XL is a massive 4.2 metres wide. With options for the fixation to suit your outdoor area, including a steel base, ground anchor and wall brackets, the Prostor P7 can be set up anywhere, providing shade for your guests to relax in and put up their feet. Hotel News Hotel News The Prostor P7 is built from high quality, durable materials, and boasts an incredibly long life span, with a 5-year warranty on colour retention. The parasol material is mould and fade resistant, stain proof and water repellent, allowing it to endure any weather condition and still look brand new. The material also filters out 100% of UV rays, protecting your guests from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Prostor is proud of how high quality and maintenance-friendly their products are, which is why all products, including this parasol, are made from UV resistant, durable materials. All the fabrics used in their parasols are easily washed and replaced.   Hotel News