Prostor’s new product in their umbrella range is the Prostor P8 parasol, which is distinguished by its large size in combination with its ease of use and contemporary, sophisticated design. The parasol offers shade and protection for hotel guests whilst looking stylish and elegant. It is equipped with Prostor’s patented “one move system” making it even easier to use, opening in one sliding mechanism. Prostor is proud of how high quality and maintenance-friendly their products are, which is why all products, including this parasol, are made from UV resistant, durable materials. All the fabrics used in their parasols are easily washed and replaced. Hotel News This is the biggest centre pole parasol that Prostor offers at 4 metres squared, providing as much shade to customers as possible! The Prostor P8 Parasol also comes with fully functional LED strips completely integrated into the frame of the parasol, perfect for when hotel guests want to relax outside after dark. The parasol can be equipped with either a floorplate, a 90cm-by-90cm steel base, a 100cm-by-100cm steel base or a ground anchor to make the parasol extra secure if it is in an extremely windy area. The illuminative poles have a RAL 9007 grey finishing texture, and the parasol material, which is fade resistant, water repellent and stain proof, can come in 3 different colours: White Sand, Taupe and Black Widow: Hotel News The parasol fabric has the capacity to filter out 100% of UV rays, protecting customers from the harmful effects the sun can have. These parasols are perfect for hotels because of the large amount of shade they provide to guests, whilst protecting them from harmful sun rays. The easy-to-use feature of the parasol also makes it more attractive for customers, and that, plus its sturdy, high-quality build means it’s less likely to be broken by someone who doesn’t know how to open it. The Prostor P8 won the prestigious INNOVATION AWARD on the last (virtual) exhibition of EquipHotel (Paris) and would be a great addition to any hotel sunbathing area, veranda or garden! Hotel News