The P6 is the perfect parasol for distanced outdoor seating, with up to four umbrellas connected to one central pole providing up to 38m² of shade for your hotel guests to enjoy! With an easy opening and closing mechanism and enough room to keep a table and chairs fixed without needing to move them to open the umbrella, the P6 is a great space saving, easy to use shade solution. Hotel News The P6 has practical accessories such as a zip-up rain gutter that is easily detachable before closing the parasol, useful LED lights and a built-in infrared heater. It is also available in larger sizes, as the regular single P6 umbrella is 2.5 metres wide, the P6 XL is 3 metres wide, the circular (RND) umbrella is 3.5 metres wide, and finally the RND XL is a whopping 4.2 metres wide! With options for the fixation to suit your outdoor area, including a steel base, floorplate, ground anchor and wall brackets, the P6 can be erected anywhere, and with multiple colour schemes, can be customised to suit any hotel décor and setting. Hotel News Prostor is proud of how high quality and maintenance-friendly their products are, which is why all products, including this parasol, are made from UV resistant, durable materials. All the fabrics used in their parasols are easily washed and replaced. The P6 features water-repellent, stain proof, mould resistant and fade resistant material for the parasol top fabric, which also has the capacity to filter out 100% of UV rays, protecting customers from the harmful effects the sun can have. These parasols are perfect for hotels because of the large amount of shade they provide to guests, whilst protecting them from harmful sun rays. They are also compatible with Prostor’s Covid-19 screen, making them perfect for safe seating areas in the outdoor areas of your hotels. Hotel News