No need to increase your hotel seating terrace to accommodate for the Covid-19 social distancing rules, as Prostor Shade Solutions are now providing a translucent, elegant Covid-19 protection screen! This is perfect for hotel terraces and sunbathing areas, as it is sometimes difficult and inconvenient to provide social distancing apparatus and enforcing the distancing rules. Often times they can be an eyesore to an otherwise beautiful terrace or sunbathing area for customers. These problems are prevented by the new Covid-19 protection screen by Prostor Shade Solutions. The screen can be installed on all p6 and p7 Square and Square XL Prostor Shade Solutions products, and are applied via the zippers on the side of these products, ensuring the safety of the hotel customers. The screen is available in light grey and translucent, made from acryl fabric, and it comes in two different sizes for both the Square and the Square XL. Hotel News