Zebra Techologies – EC50/55 Enterprise Mobile Computer

Zebra Techologies – EC50/55 Enterprise Mobile Computer

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The EC50/EC55 individually assigned enterprise mobile computers with integrated scanner are Zebra’s thinnest, lightest mobile computers yet. These smartphone-style devices are all business, to drive personal productivity and total benefits of ownership.

Product Details

Introducing the thinnest, lightest Zebra mobile computers yet — the EC50 WiFi and EC55 WiFi/cellular enterprise mobile computers. Designed to be individually assigned, these devices are always at your workers’ fingertips, ready to meet the needs of every moment by delivering the best of all worlds to workers inside your facility and out in the field. Your workers get the great smartphone look and feel they want in their business device, while you get the durability for all-day everyday business, plus all the business features your workers need to drive personal productivity, collaboration and device value to a new high.

Get a game changing increase in individual productivity with this pocketable powerhouse that delivers the ultimate in flexibility. Slip it in a pocket. Wear it in a holster. Turn it into a two-way radio or a fully-featured mobile PBX handset. Turn it into a fully-functional workstation with a monitor, keyboard and more by simply docking it in the workstation cradle accessory. Or snap on a trigger handle to bring comfort to any scan intensive task.

When it comes to data capture, the EC50 and EC55 offer it all. The optional built-in enterprise scanner enables the fast capture of virtually any barcode, including Digimarc, in any condition — even if it’s dirty, damaged or poorly printed. Easily capture high resolution photos and videos for proof of condition, proof of return and more with the 13 MP color auto-focus rear camera. Improve collaboration and provide a more personal touch through video calls via the 5 MP color front camera. And with the 5 in. screen, it’s easy to view it all.

Do more with the best in wireless connections. When it comes to WiFi performance for voice and data communications, your workers can expect the best — true ‘wired-quality’ connections. The result? Crystal clear voice calls and ‘no-waiting’ rapid screen draws, courtesy of Zebra’s Fusion, 2×2 MU-MIMO support and WorryFree WiFi. Bluetooth 5.0 offers twice the speed and four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2, all with less power, delivering better peripheral performance and longer battery cycle times. And NFC completes the EC50/EC55 trifecta of wireless technologies, allowing your workers to simply tap to read ID cards, pair a printer, and in the near future, complete a purchase.

And you can power all these features for longer than a working day (10-12 hours), or even longer with the extended battery (up to 16 hours).

Zebra’s enterprise-ready Mobility DNA injects new features and functionalities into your EC50/EC55 devices, substantially improving ease-of-use, device security and device manageability. There are tools that make data capture super simple for all of your workers — and enable you to send that data right to your existing apps, right out of the box — no coding required. Wrap over 100 features around Android 10 to create a true enterprise-class operating system. With StageNow, you can prepare devices for use quickly and easily — load all settings and applications in seconds with StageNow and de-activate Google Mobile Services for improved device security. Identify and discard batteries that can no longer hold a full charge with PowerPrecision Console. With Device Diagnostics, you can instantly test all main systems in a device to determine if issues can be resolved on site, improving device uptime by eliminating needless shipment to a repair center. Eliminate theft and shrinkage with Device Tracker, a Mobility DNA tool that allows you to easily find lost and misplaced devices, even if the devices are powered down.

When it comes to device value, The EC50 and EC55 deliver unmatched total benefits of ownership. You save big on TCO — the total costs over the lifetime of your EC50/EC55 devices are roughly half that of a consumer smartphone. Support and OS security updates are available every day your device is in service — up to eight years — with an optional Zebra OneCare support contract. And whether your business uses other Zebra mobile devices now or in the future, the shared platform simplifies applications porting and IT support.

The EC50/EC55 — the individually assigned smartphone-style enterprise mobile computers that are all business.


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