Virtual Concierge System

Virtual Concierge System

Direct Digital – Bespoke Digital Signage

Here at Direct Digital, we offer revolutionary digital marketing tools for your hotel. All free of cost! This latest digital technology offers guests the luxury of a personal Virtual Concierge.

Product Details

Our touch screen totems give your guests all the answers they need – instantly. Whether they want to find the best places to eat or drink, discover more about facilities available at the hotel, or visit amazing local attractions, they’ll be one touch away.

Direct Digital is entirely free for your hotel and your guests. The screen, installation and on-going service is fully funded and will never cost the hotel anything!

Our comprehensive list of bars, shopping malls, cafes, and local attractions will keep your guests loaded with options for the rest of their stay. Guest can also access exclusive promotions only available through your hotel.

But it’s not just local companies who benefit. You do! Our totems are a great way to generate revenue from hotel campaigns such as 2 for 1 dining, room upgrades and alerting guests to wedding and conference availability, increasing customer spend by promoting key areas within the hotel.  Concierge Direct is a free member of staff, who works 24 hours a day and never calls in sick!


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