Whole-Body Cryo Chamber

Art of Cryo – Vario Vaultz

Art of Cryo – Vario Vaultz

Art of Cryo – High-Performance Whole-Body Cryo Chamber

Vario Vaultz is a professional league product line represented by one of the most powerful cryotherapy chambers in the World.

Vaultz V2 stands for a 2-room cryotherapy chamber: pre-room with real -60°C and a treatment room with guaranteed REAL temperature of -110 °C

Vaultz V3 stands for a 3-room cryotherapy chamber: pre-rooms with -10°C and -60°C and a treatment room with guaranteed REAL temperature of -110 °C

These models are spacious enough to treat up to 4-6 people in one session and able to deliver 100+ treatments a day without stops and performance loss. 

Product Details

  • Elegant and attractive shape with rounded corners
  • Extra-large windows
  • Glass entrance door
  • Spacious inside to feel comfortable all time and move during the whole-body cryo session
  • Continuous surface from ground to ceiling
  • Design operating unit in carbon designed by Antonio Capristo housing
  • A generous 22’ touch screen
  • Camera, intercom system and photo & video function
  • Continuous operation to serve e.g. sports teams
  • Free programmable per day, so the system is ready to use when you need it
  • Standby during night with automatic de-icing of evaporators
  • Drying support when complete de-icing… and much more!

The right product for professional users like hotel spas, bigger or exclusive health and fitness clubs, all medical users, top-class sports clubs and pure cryo centers.

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