Whole-Body Cryo Chamber

Art of Cryo – Vario Vaultz

Art of Cryo – Vario Vaultz

Art of Cryo – High-Performance Whole-Body Cryo Chamber

Consist of two or three treatment rooms and offer a REAL room temperature of -110 °C inside the treatment chamber.

You are looking for a multi room cryo chamber, cryo sauna, cold sauna, advanced cold treatment, thermal experience - best to go for a high-performance cryo-chamber, a Vaultz by Art of Cryo.

Product Details

Rounded corners, extra-large windows, glass entrance door and spacious room inside to feel comfortable all time and potentially move during the whole body cryo session. Continuous surface from ground to ceiling, design operating unit in carbon designed by Antonio Capristo housing a generous 22’ touch screen, camera, intercom system and photo & video function. Continuous operation to serve e.g. sports teams. Free programmable per day, so the system is ready to use when you need it. Standby during night with automatic de-icing of evaporators. Drying support when complete de-icing… and much more! The right product for professional users like hotel spa, bigger or exclusive health and fitnessclubs, all medical users, top class sports clubs and pure cryo centers. Performing 150 and more treatments per day must not be imagination but can be reality!

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