Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits – Case of 50 x 36g twin-packs

Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits – Case of 50 x 36g twin-packs

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Aberffraw biscuits are a Welsh shortbread pressed with the shape of a scallop shell and are said to be Britain’s oldest biscuit.

Legend has it that centuries ago a Welsh king was holding court in Aberffraw on Anglesey, North Wales. His wife was walking on the beach there and, seeing a pretty scallop shell, had a cake baked in its shape.

However, the true origin of the biscuit is the famouse Christian pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It is though that in about the 13th Century Welsh pilgrims began pressing shortbread with scallop shells as a symbol of the journey. 

Product Details

A case of 50 x 36g Traditional Aberffraw Biscuit twin-packs.

The Traditional Aberffraw Biscuit is made with just good quality butter, flour and sugar – making for a rich, buttery shortbread.

The Traditional Aberffraw Biscuits won a Great Taste Award in 2015 and 2018.

Our biscuits are made with 12 months’ shelf life.


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