The Source – Infinity Lighting System Package

The Source – Infinity Lighting System Package

The Source – Hotel Lighting Solutions / Lighting Installations for Hotels / Custom Patio Lighting

Embrace year-round celebrations with our permanent lighting system, designed to elevate your establishment to unparalleled heights. Illuminate each season, local event, and sports celebration with radiant displays that captivate and excite your guests. Transform any building into an extension of their branding with our accent lighting, ensuring your venue stands out and leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

Product Details

Our Infinity Lighting system includes the following products:

A) Network Bridge

B) Wireless Receiver

C) Unlit Wire – 50′

D) Power Booster – used every 75′ to ensure color consistency & brightness

E) Data Buffer

F) 50′ Infinity Light Spools

G)  Waterproof Connectors РBag of 100

H) Custom Channel – In specified color to match existing environment

I)  Light Caps РBags of 70 in Clear, Brown, or Grey

J) Drill Bit

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