The Qube – Luxury Hotel Pods

The Qube – Luxury Hotel Pods

The Qube – Luxury Hotel Pods / Modular Hotel Buildings / Bespoke Hotel Lodges

Luxury, sustainable and bespoke.

Forget a traditional hotel extension, add rooms to your site and create a unique experience for guests.

Our standalone hotel pods can be used on luxury grounds, manor homes, glamping sites, and high-end staycation sites. Our luxury hotel pods have fantastic eco credentials because they use sustainable materials and require less energy to build and run during the building lifecycle. Typically, the pods will achieve an energy rating of A and will feel as well insulated as your home!

This also makes them a fantastic investment for hotel owners and hospitality entrepreneurs. A quick and comparatively inexpensive alternative to traditional multi million-pound extensions, our hotel pods allow owners to experiment with adding to their room offering without incurring huge outlays.

Product Details

Our new modular pods are perfect for landowners, glamping sites, and hotels who are looking to experiment with adding luxury options to their offering in a limited space.

Our bespoke pods are hand crafted by experts with decades of experience to fit the precise requirements for your plot, maximizing your profits by making the most of the space you have available.

Our luxury modular pods come with everything your guests need for an amazing getaway. They are elegant, efficient, and cater to your best clients – from business travelers to leisurely globetrotters.


  • Sip panel construction.
  • Aluminium doors and windows
  • Single ply rubberised roof
  • Various external cladding finishes
  • Renewable energy upgrade package available

The pods are luxury, eco-friendly, and boutique hotels all rolled into one. Our sip panel lodges are perfect for those who want to feel truly at home when they travel and enjoy the privacy and luxury of a perfectly appointed standalone cabin all of their own.

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