The Little Coffee Bag Co. – Blend No. 1 – Signature Coffee Bags

The Little Coffee Bag Co. – Blend No. 1 – Signature Coffee Bags

The Little Coffee Bag Co. – Hotel Coffee Bags / Luxury Coffee for Hotels / Eco Hotel Coffee

100% Arabica coffee from El Salvador, Rwanda and Sumatra. Rich and full bodied with a fruity medium acidity. Good sweetness with notes of blackberries in the aroma and mellow chocolate hints throughout.

Product Details

The Little Coffee Bag is designed to produce a cafetière style coffee for one, without the need for anything more than boiling water. Our coffee bags, which are available in three different blends, are made from bio-web and contain 10g of oven-roasted ground Arabica coffee. Each coffee bag is then individually wrapped to maintain freshness. Each of our blends have been created with real dedication to quality and flavour. The origin of our coffee beans are carefully chosen to ensure sustainability whilst our state of the art roasting methods ensure consistency. Our single-serve coffee bags offer the perfect in-room solution for those hotels wishing to enhance their customers’ experience, without the massive expenditure of a coffee machine in every room. Offer a selection of luxury blends, whilst eliminating mess and fuss. Our coffee bags come in boxes of 100, and wholesale in cases of 6 boxes at 22p per coffee bag. You can have a mix of blends within the case, i.e. 400 Signature, 200 Decaffeinated. Shipping is more cost effective on larger orders, and free on orders of 8 cases or more!


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