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The Art Group – Time Life Collection

The Art Group – Time Life Collection

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The Art Group are delighted to unveil a new range of licensed Time life framed prints in a larger statement size of 70x100cm. 

These iconic images are featured in brushed black box frames and complimented with the use of single black core mounts. All frames are ready to hang and are guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to your hotel.  

These particular products can be supplied via both UK domestic and international routes. All of our packaging is sustainable and eco friendly. We can also offer alternative sizing depending on our clients requirements. 

In addition to this we can also offer our clients biography labels should they wish to showcase some background info behind the piece and the iconic brand. This in particular has proven to be very useful when helping hoteliers and staff to engage with their guests.

The full range of Time Life images can be found via our website. 


Product Details

Over several decades that span the heart of the 20th century, the magazine — calling itself, LIFE — published many of the World’s most memorable photographs ever taken, documenting political and cultural events, as well as famous celebrities who helped shape our modern world. Our TIME LIFE collection brings together some of the most iconic of these images, including Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photo of a nurse in her sailor’s arms, snapped on August 14th, 1945, as they celebrated Victory over Japan Day in Times Square, New York City.

Product codes –

PFPPR47112/Time Life (At The Races) 100 x 70cm

PFPPR47113/Time Life (Brigitte Bardot-Camera) 70 x 100cm

PFPPR47114/Time Life (Grand Prix de Monaco) 100 x 70cm

PFPPR47115/Time Life (Harlequin Fashion) 70 x 100cm

PFPPR47116/Time Life (Steve McQueen-Pistols) 100 x 70cm

PFPPR47117/Time Life (War Time Kiss) 70 x 100cm

PFPPR47118/Time Life (Wide Shoulder Fashion 1959) 70 x 100cm


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