Taku+Taku –  the Sakura Collection

Taku+Taku –  the Sakura Collection

Taku+Taku – Ocean Themed Luxury Decor / Bespoke Hotel Tableware / Nature Decor for Hotels

Taku+Taku –  the sakura collection

a new collection in development composed of fine porcelain  table linens, wall decor and soft furnishings, for a timeless alluring look.

Featuring our original art - the sakura collection

Product Details

Our tableware and decor are decorated with our original art taken directly from nature.  The original art was printed directly from branches of a cherry tree in full Spring blossom. This isn’t an image of a sakura, but from one, printed using the branches themselves as the printing plate.

We are designing coordinated items such as soft furnishing, wall coverings, bedding or other decor to bring a timeless, alluring look to your location but in the most authentic way possible….from nature itself.

Talk to us about developing this collection for your needs or perhaps you prefer a collection custom made for you featuring your local flora or forest species.

Other shapes and styles possible to custom order featuring this pattern.


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