Sustainable Furniture – Outdoor Benches

Sustainable Furniture – Outdoor Benches

Sustainable Furniture – Eco Hotel Furniture / Luxury Sustainably Sourced Furniture / Hotel Artisan Furniture

Crafted from a choice of materials—Reclaimed or Plantation Teak, Oak, Douglas Fir, Swedish Redwood and recycled plastic—these outdoor garden benches blend sustainable craftsmanship with versatility. Renowned for their durability and timeless allure, these benches find favour in gardens, parks, and outdoor spaces, serving both functional and commemorative purposes. With weather-resistant construction and a nod to eco-consciousness through diverse, responsibly sourced materials, they offer inviting seating solutions. Embracing various landscapes, these benches stand as enduring memorials or cosy respites, harmonizing with nature while honouring moments, making them cherished elements in outdoor environments and poignant tributes to memories.

Product Details

San Francisco Reclaimed Teak Bench

Length 150cm x Depth 49cm x Height Seat to Floor 45cm

Reclaimed Teak Backless Bench

Length 4ft/120cm, 5ft/150cm, 6ft/180cm x Width 45cm x Height 45cm

Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Open Slatted Backless Bench

Length 160cm x Width 36cm x Height 46cm

Length 200cm x Width 36cm x Height 46cm

Length 240cm x Width 36cm x Height 46cm

Length 300cm x Width 36cm x Height 46cm

Reclaimed Teak Lutyens Garden Bench

Length 4ft/120cm, 5ft/150cm, or 6ft/180cm x Depth 64cm x Height 104cm

Big Classic Curved Reclaimed Teak Garden Bench

Length 6ft/180cm or 8ft/240cm x Height 90cm

Recycled Plastic Bench

Length 150cm x Width 52cm x Height 78.5cm

Seat – Height 45cm

Recycled Plastic 3 Seat Wave Bench

Length 150cm x Depth 63cm x Height 85cm

Seat – Height 43cm

Recycled Plastic City Quadrant Seat – Black & Grey

Total – Length 310cm x Width 310cm x Height 130cm

Seat – Height 40cm

Recycled Plastic Hexagonal Backless Tree Seat

Overall – Diameter 170cm x Height 49cm

Internal – Diameter – 60cm

Seat – Height 49cm

Swedish Redwood Heavy Duty Hexagonal Tree Seat

External – Diameter 240cm x Height 134cm

Internal – Diameter 2ft/60cm, 3ft/90cm or 4ft/120cm

Seat – Height 47cm

Backrest – Height 87cm

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