Sustainable Furniture – Occasional Tables

Sustainable Furniture – Occasional Tables

Sustainable Furniture – Eco Hotel Furniture / Luxury Sustainably Sourced Furniture / Hotel Artisan Furniture

Crafted from reclaimed teak, elm, oak, or pine, these occasional indoor tables radiate character and sustainability. Each table boasts a unique blend of history and craftsmanship, showcasing the beauty of repurposed wood. The natural patina and textures add depth to any interior space, while the sturdy construction ensures lasting quality. Embracing eco-friendly principles, these tables serve as functional art pieces, celebrating the innate beauty of reclaimed materials. Ideal for adding a rustic yet sophisticated touch to any room, they embody a commitment to both style and environmental responsibility.

Product Details

Teak Root Stool / Display Stand – Square

Approx. Length 40cm x Width 40cm x Height 39cm

Teak Root Ball Stool / Display Stand – Circular

Approx. Length 38cm x Width 38cm x Height 39cm

Teak Square Coffee Table with Shelf

Length 45cm x Width 45cm x Height 45cm

Reclaimed Elm Side Table

Width 60cm x Depth 60cm x Height 60cm

Reclaimed Teak Occasional Table

Width 100cm x Depth 50cm x Height 75cm

1.4m Reclaimed Elm Pedestal Coffee Table

Width 140cm x Depth 80cm x Height 45cm

Reclaimed Teak Root Side Table

Root – 50cm x 50cm x Height 60cm – Measurements may vary.

Glass – 60cm x 60cm Square

Urban Fusion Side Table – Available in two sizes

Depth 51cm x Width 41cm x Height 60.5cm

Depth 40 cm x Width 30cm x Height 60cm

Reclaimed Teak Rio Square Coffee Table

Length 60cm x Width 60cm x Height 43cm

Reclaimed Teak Opium Coffee Table – Available in three sizes 

Length 140cm x Width 70cm x Height 36cm

Length 100cm x Width 100cm x Height 36cm

Length 60cm x Width 60cm x Height 36cm

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