STOBAG – Surava

STOBAG – Surava

STOBAG – Hotel Shading Systems / Awnings for Hotels / Hotel Weather Protection Solutions

The perfect vertical shade solution for covered patios or balconies.

The modern generation of premium-quality vertical awnings The purist solution without a cover box makes SURAVA the darling of modern architecture. Because the system fits into recesses from 40 cm wide. What’s more, the side panels can be coated in the colour of your choice.

Product Details

Open design

Affordable entry-level model for almost any window recess. No box at all for many different applications.

Elegant look

The premium-quality cover panels feature a unique magnetic mechanism.

Interior or exterior mounting

The roll-down system can be mounted inside or outside the window recess on the wall or ceiling.

Flexible mounting options

Can be mounted on the wall, the ceiling or in the window recess

Unwinding direction

Direction that fabric unrolls in (front or back) can be selected

Modern colours

Cover panel in one or two colours


Installation in niche, window recess

SURAVA for every application

The modern design blends in seamlessly with different generations of architecture.



Min. width: 0.40m
Max. width: 5.00m

Min. projection (height): 0.40m
Max. projection (height): 4.00m

Colours / Fabrics:

Various Options


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