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Sturdy pergola awnings with large projection

Celebrate outdoor living the generous way with RIVERA. Designed with a projection of up to 7 m and a width of up to 5 m, the units can be coupled for larger spaces. The integrated folding awning creates cool shade in sunshine and protects against UV radiation.

Product Details

Individually expandable

Complement your outdoor space with side and front awnings or glazing. It provides even better protection from the wind or when the sun is low

Durable and easy to clean

Thanks to the high-quality materials and corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminium profiles, the awning offers outstanding durability and reduced maintenance.

Dry terrace

The awning not only protects against UV radiation, the dense polyester material makes the high-quality RESISTANT fabric fully rainproof. This way you can stay outside longer.

Integrated rain run-off system

When it rains, the tightly stretched fabric guides the water in a controlled manner to the run-off system in the front area.

Cloth fixed in side guide

The integrated folding awning creates cool shade in sunshine and protects against damaging UV radiation.

Coupled units mode

The shading systems can be coupled together as required for special areas. The awning structures remains extremely stable in all configurations.

Optional LED lighting

The energy-saving LED lighting gives an atmospheric ambience to your terrace at night



Min. width: 2.00m
Max. width: 5.00m
Min. projection (height): 2.00m
Max. projection (height): 7.00m

Colours / Fabrics:

Various Options


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