STOBAG – Nyon Plus

STOBAG – Nyon Plus

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The NYON PLUS offers protection from sun, rain, wind and snow all year round. The aesthetically shaped all-weather roof has more options than ever. NYON PLUS, allows you to choose from endless options to transform a patio into a stylish living or working space. 

Product Details

NYON PLUS, the patio roof that offers more

Repositioned cross beams by setting the cross beam back a certain distance, the canopy adds an architectural accent.

LED lighting

The dimmable LED lighting is available in spot or strip form. Whichever you choose, it makes for atmospheric evening lighting.

Flexible with special designs

NYON PLUS can be combined lengthways. It is even possible with different projection depths.

Crossbar set back

The crossbar of the NYON PLUS GP4200 is set back a certain distance.

Special designs

In addition to the GP4100 and GP4200 designs, special designs are also possible.

STOBAG exclusive

The floating guide tube makes it simple to compensate for unevenness in the wall. This saves time and effort in the installation process.

Optional LED lighting

Dimmable spot or strip lighting provide special lighting effects in the evening hours.

Optional overglass awning

With its construction, our ARNEX product is the perfect addition to guarantee your sun protection.

Extra living space

A glass roof is a comfortable way of moving your living space outdoors.

Harmoniously integrated shading options

The matching roof or front shade provides ideal protection from the sun and heat, which makes for even greater comfort.


Max. width: 4.50m
Max. projection: 6.00m
Max. height: 2.40m


Various Options


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