STOBAG – Boxmobil

STOBAG – Boxmobil

STOBAG – Hotel Shading Systems / Awnings for Hotels / Hotel Weather Protection Solutions

The clever BOXMOBIL awning solution is composed of two cassette awnings on a solid steel frame. Ideally suited to uses in the restaurant and catering sector or at swimming pools.

If an additional central support is used, the area of shaded can be extended almost without limitation. The timeless, unique design is available in either a square or slightly rounded style. The closed box offers the fully retracted fabric optimum protection against the elements.

Product Details

Quick to install

Thanks to quick and easy installation, you can enjoy outdoor living without long delays.

Securely anchored

BOXMOBIL stands firm in 90 cm deep profiles or on 150 cm wide concrete bases.

Easy operation

The BOXMOBIL can be operated with a hand crank, but a convenient motor drive is also available.

Round box, classic design

The elegant round box protects the rolled-up fabric from dirt and the elements.

Square box, modern design

The angular box design also provides optimum protection for the awning fabric against external influences.

Each side operates separately

The left and right awnings can be extended independently from each other. Depending on the position of the sun or the strength of the wind.


If desired, the “Volant-Plus” valance can be lowered to protect you against evening or morning sun.

Ground sleeves

The posts are anchored in firmly embedded ground sleeves.

A design that looks great from all sides

BOXMOBIL stands for smart functionality and stylish design. Both aspects bring more quality of life to the outdoor area.



Min. width: 2.10m
Max. width: 6.62m
Min. projection (height): 3.00m
Max. projection (height): 7.00m

Colours / Fabrics:

Various Options


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