SportsMed – HUR Pulley

SportsMed – HUR Pulley

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Pulley can be used for a wide variety of exercises. Because of the easy adjustments and features it can easily be used by wheelchair users too. Available in Floor Standing or Wall Mounted versions.

The unit provides a space saving solution without the need for multiple machines. HUR's Pneumatic Strength training Range uses a near silent air compressor which enables the users to use the gym without the "clunky" noise of weights making it the perfect solution within a hotel setting. Through the use of HUR's SmartTouch Hi-5 System, users can also activate training programs at the touch of an RFID card or bracelet and track their progress across various hotel locations.

Product Details

  • Available with a simple push button Analogue system or  Hi-5 10″ Hi5 touchscreen system
  • Standard equipment for HUR Pulley includes two adjustable support handles, which can for example be used to support the lower limbs during an exercise. The handles can also be turned into an upright position, which guarantees full access to the machine.
  • Standard equipment of HUR Pulley includes padded leg strap. It can be used as both ankle and wrist strap.
  • Includes two single-handed handgrips.
  • Includes a strap extension, which can be used to facilitate training with other HUR Pulley accessories.

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