Sorelle Gallery – Streambed II – Original Painting

Sorelle Gallery – Streambed II – Original Painting

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This is an original painting by John Harris made with oil paint on linen. It captures rocks of varying colors and sizes, beneath the lightly rippling water of a stream. This painting is also available as a print - which can be customized by style (paper or canvas), sizes ranging up to 60" x 45", and frame color.

Product Details

This painting measures 56″ x 44″ on gallery wrapped canvas, with sides painted a warm grey. It was created in 2020, using oil paint on linen. It is wired and ready to hang.

“I isolate and exaggerate forms, colors and sequences found in nature,” the artist says of his work. “My large scale, realist paintings take one to two months to complete, as I meticulously works to recreate various environmental complexities from photographs, memory and artistic expression. The process begins with mapping out large shapes of color on canvas, and then details are added.  When the paint dries, more paint and glazes are added. The repetition of this careful glazing technique results in the dramatization of translucent layers – a visual effect that is conceptually harmonious with its subject: water.

“I am most interested in exploring water’s physical properties – reflection, turbidity, rhythm, pattern, that make up its unique viewing experience. I address these issues by isolating a moment in time in various bodies of water: oceans and rivers. The result is a series of peaceful, hypnotic and turbulent paintings.”

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