Sorelle Gallery – Luna – Original Painting

Sorelle Gallery – Luna – Original Painting

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This is an original abstract painting by Ned Martin made with oil paint on canvas over panel. It features a light palette, with soft, rectangular shapes patterned side-by-side. It pairs beautifully with Moon Dance, a painting by the same artist (see images to see the two together). This painting is also available as a print - which can be customized by style (paper or canvas), size, and frame. 

Product Details

This painting measures 48″ x 48″ on canvas over panel, with the painting continuing as it wraps around the sides. It was created in 2022, and is wired and ready to hang.

Located in Brooklyn, Ned Martin is inspired by hectic city life. His work touches on the subjects of nature and community, which are drawn from his childhood memories of rural Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Martin’s work is a commentary on the global society, and the idea that everything is connected as one. After studying Fine Arts at Towson State University in Maryland, Martin continued his formal art training at the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. Embracing his training and his meticulous process, Martin grinds his own paints. He has painted en plein air on the River Seine in Paris, Scotland, and Italy, all of which have shaped his artistic vision.

Reclaimed aluminum printing plates have become Martin’s sole painting surface. He often leaves a bit of aluminum plate visible through the painted surface to enhance the depth of the work.

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