Sorelle Gallery – It’s a Sign – Open Edition Print

Sorelle Gallery – It’s a Sign – Open Edition Print

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This abstract landscape open edition print by Elwood Howell features a loose landscape format, with a high horizon line, light green palette, and colorful detail. It can be customized by selecting style (paper or canvas), size, and frame. Please see range of sizes and frame options below.

Product Details

Paper print size options are available up to 20″ x 20″, and canvas print sizes range from 16″ x 16″ to 53″ x 53″. Paper prints have an option to add any of nine different frames, and canvas floater frames can be added in one of five colors – warm silver, gold, white, black, and dark walnut.

“The greater body of my work is primary landscapes and seascapes of an imaginary nature created in the studio,” the artist says of his work. “Most works have a generally high horizon as a focal point to lure ones eye into the simple composition. The large area below the horizon down to the base of the canvas gives the viewer’s eye freedom to roam the surface. This space gives the painting life much as soil nourishes the very roots of a tree. The imagery at the horizon gives a focal point and the expanse above serves as atmosphere to set the mood. This has been a format I have used for over forty years and it still intrigues me…”

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