Sir Woofchester’s – Bar Snacks

Sir Woofchester’s – Bar Snacks

Sir Woofchester’s – Luxury Dog Treat Menus / Hotel Dog Treats / Dog Welcome Packs

Delight your customers with delicious Bar Snacks.

With a choice of 3 innovative flavours - specially designed for your bar, reception, OR as excellent-value bedroom/welcome gifts for your guests.

Product Details

There are currently 3 varieties of Sir Woofchester’s Bar Snacks:

WOOF BAR: “All day breakfast” snack bar, with pieces that can be broken off one at a time

SCAMPI FRIES: Innovative new scampi recipe with prawn & pea

PAW SCRATCHIES: A healthy re-creation of a popular pub classic!

Product features:

  • Recipes are grain-free and made with natural ingredients
  • Long shelf life (12mths+)
  • Delicious semi-soft treat style that dogs love
  • Excellent trade price.


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