SHELTER DOME – Glamping Dome Accommodation

SHELTER DOME – Glamping Dome Accommodation

Shelter Dome – Luxury Outdoor Hospitality Solutions / Hotel Glamping Domes / Sustainable Glamping Dome Structures

Shelter Dome is a manufacturer of self-assembly geodesic dome kits, having completed over 3000 successful installations in more than 30 countries.

Geodesic domes are a perfect fit for all-weather and all-terrain accommodation needs, owing to their innovative structure and design. The innovative shape and spacious interiors of geodomes provide exceptional experiences that stand out and create memorable stays for guests.

The domes are sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly, thanks to their structures, add-on accessories like insulation layers, and solar fans. Moreover, the geodomes are quick to set up and relocate, making them an ideal solution for temporary or semi-permanent accommodation needs, providing a quick return on investment for businesses.

Product Details

DM6 (20ft.) Glamping Dome

This dome option offers perfectly tailored living space for couples or small families. With the low-volume design, the dwelling geodome provides ultimate coziness and creates an alluringly intimate atmosphere.


Diameter: 6m / 20ft.

Floor area: 28m/ 300sq ft.

Ridge height: 3.5m / 11ft.

Panoramic bay window: 2m / 7ft.

Assembly time: 3-4 hours

Recommended room occupancy: 2-4

DM7 (23ft.) Glamping Dome

This dome size is the perfect option for creating a cozy and intimate space for glamping. Its inner space could cover an en-suite bathroom and additional furnishings like kitchen facilities and a dining desk. Creating a high-end and comfortable glamping experience for your guests is possible with this dome option.


Diameter: 7m / 23ft.

Floor area: 38m2 / 410sq ft.

Ridge height: 4m / 13ft.

Panoramic bay window: 2.3m / 7.5ft.

Assembly time: 4-5 hours

Recommended room occupancy: 2-4

DM8 (26ft.) Glamping Dome

Consider a dia. 8m dome home if you run campsite for a weekend staycation and graduation trip. The bigger families and friends could enjoy gathering time in such a large space. This option allows more creation for internal space design and living areas with different functions.


Diameter: 8m / 26ft.

Floor area: 50m2 / 540sq ft.

Ridge height: 4m / 13ft.

Panoramic bay window: 2.3m / 7.5ft.

Assembly time: 4-5 hours

Recommended room occupancy: 2-4

Framework And Accessories

Powder-coating steel framework

PVC membrane (waterproof + UV resistant + fire retardant)

Curtain kit (dual-track design)

Insulation layer

Aluminum frame door (H2100*W900mm)

Cap vent

Solar fan

Openable round glass window

Stove jack

Triangle vent

Windows (fixed panoramic bay window and optional skylight)

Magnetic screen door (optional)

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