Scent Square – Lavender pillow in a gift box

Scent Square – Lavender pillow in a gift box

Scent Square – Handmade Lavender Gifts / Sustainable Hotel Gifts / Lavender Scented Pillow Covers

Our little pillows are smade from  soft in touch polyester and are packed in very elegand boxes with a window.

This pillow can be kept in bed among the other pillows helping to relieve insomnia and promote relaxation. The scent will feel deeper when you put your head on the pillow. Dried lavender flowers eliminate a pleasant and fresh scent, with a lasting therapeutic effect.  The aromatic pillow would keep its properties for around 6- 9 months from the date of its removal from the package.
You can place the lavender pillow between clothes, in the closet or dresser so they could absorb the relaxing scent of lavender.

To prevent the penetration of dry matter from inside to outside we added inside the pillow an additional inner layer of non woven material.

Flowers are sourced from a cooperative of lavender producers in Provence, France or from Romania. We do not use any additive or chemical and we strive to source all materials from Europe.
Our lavender aromatic products are made on order only and if kept in normal temperature conditions and away from direct sunlight they will keep for two years.

We work with our customers to prototype any customization requested like colors, design, belt promotional message, packaging.

Product Details

Size: :  15cm x 17cm x 2.5cm

Lavender pillow filling:  approximately 80 gr. of lavender dry flowers, there can be a deviation of +/- 5g.

Lavender used is grown in Romania or if requested we will fill up the bags with French lavender.

Textile:  as per client request,  for polyester textile we can provide textile personalization.

Packaging: an elegant gift box size: 18cm x 12cm x 2.6cm with a window.   Gift box color is to be selected.

Belt:  customizable messaging on a printed mat paper belt.

Custom printed design for a promotional belt is included.

Care instructions:
Clean the outer surface with a damp cloth.

If you want to wash the pillow, you need to remove the lavender flower by opening one of the sides and releasing the lavender from the inside.  Once the textile is dry, you can place back removed earlier on dry flowers and stich back the opening.
To feel the fresh scent of lavender more intensely, we recommend that you press your fingers on the surface of the pillow.



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