S-RATE – Service Rating and Rewarding of Frontline Employees

S-RATE – Service Rating and Rewarding of Frontline Employees

S-RATE – Hotel Guest Feedback / Digital Tipping for Hotels / Hotel Evaluation Systems

Allow your Guests to Evaluate and Tip your employees directly.

Guests can provide their Feedback for employees and send Tips to individuals or Teams, while still on the hotel premises.

No app install neededNo integration with HR or any other IT system.

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Product Details


  • Employee Evaluations
    Guests can share their feedback on the service they received. They can easily express appreciation for exceptional service or report any mishaps directly with S-Rate, ensuring their voices are heard in real-time.
  • Tip Employees
    Guests can tip their favourite employees directly with an easy and safe process.
  • Amazing Benefits
    Guests earn virtual credits for every feedback and can redeem their credits to exclusive rewards and raffle tickets for draws with sponsored gifts.


  • Direct Tips
    Your employees can collect tips directly from customers. With an easy process, guests can find an employee or team and give them a tip. Employees access and retrieve their balance anytime they wish!
  • World Wide Competitions
    With S-Rate your employees can participate in the World’s Best Receptionist competition. A worldwide prestigious event.
  • S-Rate Academy
    In S-Rate employees can access mentoring content for their training & skills evolution.
  • Motivation & Rewards
    Company Leaderboards with tangible gifts, monthly Targets and Rewards that can be redeemed with credits, motivate employees to perform better.


  • Check Ratings on the spot
    Get the feedback for your employees’ performance directly from the field. Receive notifications when a new feedback is added to view the ratings on the spot and overcome pain points on time.
  • Identify Hidden Talents
    Use the S-Rate score as part of the assessment process of your employees. Identify high rated profiles & place them in the right position.
  • Easy Registration Process
    With TALOS, our user friendly CMS tool you can enlist your hotel in our system. Your employees can then self-register and connect with your hotel without lengthy processes.
  • Adapted to your needs
    Select the default evaluation forms, different for each position, or create your own. Request customer’s feedback on topics that are most relevant to your needs.
  • Encourage Employees to improve
    Set monthly and yearly goals for employees to achieve. Reward employees with tangible gifts and work benefits for their achievements. Differentiate the goals per position and per employee.

What do you get with S-Rate?

  • A cloud based solution that can be up and running within a few hours without IT involvement (we know that your IT is busy).
  • Participation in global competitions for service excellence.
  • Your company QR code and link to share with your customers in any channel.
  • Employees & Team Leaders application check-it out
  • Managers’ dashboard.
  • A digital tipping solution for guests without cash (*supported in 23 countries) check-it out
  • A discount coupons rewarding solution (*supported in 72 countries).
  • Employees of the month suggestions.
  • Educational videos to enhance your team’s soft skills.
  • Your presence in the service excellence map.
  • Employees loyalty with gamification mechanics.

How much does S-Rate cost?

The cost depends on the company size and starts from 200€ up to 2.500€ per year + 1€ per month per employee for as many months the employee is onboarded

This is charged to the company or to the user if the  account was created individually to collect tips and build  employee reputation.

Launch simply within a few hours

  • Complete the registration form, no card details needed,
  • We’ll create your account and provide you with your company QR code and links. No IT system involvement required, as no integration is necessary!
  • After you get your account you can buy S-Rate Tokens (1 token = 1€). You can buy tokens anytime as your team grows.
  • Easily import your employee roster using our Excel template or share a registration link for seamless self-registration. You have the flexibility to update the list at any time.
  • Each month, we will deduct S-Rate Tokens based on the number of employees actively using the platform.


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