Run For The Hills – Luxury Hotel Branding

Run For The Hills – Luxury Hotel Branding

Run For The Hills – Hospitality Brand Design / Hotel Web Design

Run For The Hills is a multi-disciplinary award-winning design studio specialising in branding, interiors, art and web design. We specialise in creating memorable brand identities for hospitality brands - from restaurants and bars, to hotels and boutique cinemas.

Product Details

Work spanning everything from naming, designing the logo and overall brand identity of the hospitality venue. Setting the tone of voice, typographic style, colour palette and visual direction for the brand. Building out a brand visual language with a library of unique illustrations and creating brand guidelines.



Laying out the brand foundations. Generating the name, the vision and story, the brand values and the tone of voice.

  • Naming
  • The Brand Story
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand Values
  • Tone Of Voice


Creating visual identity including full guidelines and rules of usage.

  • Logo
    Creating a new logotype and exploring a motif/mark. How these elements work across multiple applications (printed, digital and in venue signage).
  • Colour Palette
    Looking at the core colour palette. How it is used. Where it is used.
    RGB, CMYK and Pantone references.
  • Typography
    Working up the brands supporting fonts. Headline, subhead, body copy, menu fonts, advertising fonts. ‘Brand In Action’ examples of usage across print, digital and in venue. Leading, tracking, kerning and other usage rules and guidelines.
  • Brand Language
    Creating a library of assets to be used across all brand touch points, from the website, to the menus and in venue graphics and murals. This could be a collection of illustrations, iconography, graphic patterns or a photographic treatment. All proposed elements fully deconstructed with colour and usage guidelines.
  • Brand Guidelines
    Putting everything created into a brand bible document. Logo usage rules, clearspace, minimum size and colour. Typography hierarchy, leading, tracking, kerning and other usage rules. With brand in action examples and layouts. Photographic guidelines for shooting food, interiors, staff, suppliers and customers.



Marketing Materials

Print Design



Animation & Moving Image

Signage & Wayfinding

Venue graphics, murals and art


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