RS Barcelona – You and Me Ping Pong Table

RS Barcelona – You and Me Ping Pong Table

RS Barcelona – Luxury hotel game tables and furniture for indoors and outdoors

You and Me contains all the moments you can imagine. Working meetings; Monday breakfasts as the clock runs; a family barbecue on the weekend. And it goes without saying that there’s plenty of time for many hours of playing too. You and Me is a ping pong table like you’ve never seen before, with sleek, minimalist lines that suits any interior but really comes into its own in outdoor settings. All the sporting elements– the net, the paddles and the balls –are stored in a discreet side drawer, completely out of sight. And the table is ready for any use you need.

Product Details

Available in indoor/outdoor version.

Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint.
Top: Walnut or oak wood / HPL (white or black).
Legs: Walnut, oak wood or iroko wood.
Net: Coated polyester fabric

Standard: 108 x 60 x 30 in | 274 x 152,5 x 76 cm
220 Medium: 86.6 x 47 x 30 in | 220 x 120 x 76 cm
180 Small: 70.9 x 39.4 x 30 in | 180 x 100 x 76 cm

Standard: 260 lb | 118 kg
220 Medium: 220.5 lb | 100 kg
180 Small: 165.3 lb | 75 kg


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