Deluxe Dome Accommodation / Luxury Glamping Solution

FDomes Glamping – Premium Modules

FDomes Glamping – Premium Modules

FDomes – Deluxe Dome Accommodation / Luxury Glamping Solution

Premium Modules are a complex solution destined for every kind of hospitality business. To rise the standard of the accommodation FDomes has introduced a bespoke all-in cubitat divided by function, including a fully equipped bathroom, a sleek and modern kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a functional loft bed.

All these in a plug&play and mix&match model. Premium Modules are suitable for FDomes structures as well as any other type of accommodation. Just connect water, sewage and electricity, and you are ready to accommodate your first visitors!

Product Details

  • Bathroom Module – a cleverly designed area equipped with a shower, a washbasin, a toilet and cabins for storage. All completed with sophisticated details and lighting.Wall with the door: 184 cm.
    Shorter wall: 198 cm.
    Height: 222 cm.
    Weight: 1200kg.
  • Kitchen Module – a fully equipped kitchenette designed with all necessary appliances and accessories including a sink, induction hot plates, a small fridge, and plenty of cupboards for efficient storage.Width: 184 cm.
    Depth: 65 cm.
    Height: 222 cm.
  • Bedroom Module – a comfortable sleeping area arranged with a king-size bed, wardrobes, bedside tables, drawers, and cabinets.Width: 263 cm.
    Depth: 205cm. (bed’s length) including 45 cm. (storage)
    Height: 222 cm.
  • Loft Bed Module -a second bedroom or a leisure room with a comfortable double bed and a view on the sky. An exceptional sleeping area is created by installing the module on the top of the bathroom.Width: 198 cm.
    Length: 184 cm.
    Fence height: 50 cm.

Premium Modules are available in two colors: Light Grey and Black.


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