Peacetree Naturals – REST CBD Softgels Travel 6-Pack

Peacetree Naturals – REST CBD Softgels Travel 6-Pack

Peacetree Naturals – Full Spectrum CBD Softgels / Strong CBD Sleep Solutions

REST CBD sets your guests up for success on the go by helping them unwind, decompress and enjoy deep, restorative rest.  Packaged in a convenient 6-pack, they're ideal for travel, hotel gift shops and retail, mini-bars, front desks, hotel toiletries and spas.  Our pure full-spectrum CBD is produced in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility, and every batch is thoroughly lab tested for efficacy, purity and safety. 

We package the softgels our current customers love in a travel-friendly 6-pack,  developed by frequent travelers who know that traveling with a full bottle or package is not practical or desirable, but something to help them fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed is essential.

REST Softgels are specifically formulated to make restless nights a thing of the past with carefully extracted cannabinoids and terpenes from the entire hemp plant, isolating parts of the plant that have stronger concentrations of cannabinoids.  

Show your guests you spared no details in ensuring their comfort during their stay with you.  Set them up for success tomorrow with a great rest tonight!


Product Details

Rest Full Spectrum CBD is produced through pure critical CO2 extraction. The gold standard in extraction methods, this process uses supercritical carbon dioxide to gently extract the oils of the plant using pressure and extremely low temperatures that are far more effective at preserving the purity of the CBD and terpenes.  Using CO2 enables us to pull differing weights of the CBD and terpenes, isolating the most potent and beneficial ones.  The result is a pure, potent, safe product free of harmful residues and heat degradation.

Safe for you, Safe for the Environment.

Every batch of REST CBD is thoroughly lab-tested for purity and efficacy, ensuring that you get a safe, effective product free of impurities every time.  The extremely low temperatures generated with the CO2 extraction method preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes and are easier on the environment than more traditional harsher extraction methods.

Each Softgel contains 25mg of potent full-spectrum CBD, and is packed with a relaxing blend of vital terpenes that ensure the full range of the benefits of CBD.


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