PayAlly – International and Local Payments

PayAlly – International and Local Payments

PayAlly – Hotel Payment Service Provider / Customised Hotel Payment Solution / Hotel Financial Services

Since 2017, we have moved billions of pounds securely and on time for our clients.

Product Details

Move Funds Your Way.

PayAlly offers flexibility in managing your finances.

International Payment

    • Target2 Payments – Access clients of over 52,000 banks globally
    • SEPA Payments – Transfer funds across borders within the Single European Payments Area
    • SWIFT Transfers – Reliable wire transfers anywhere in the world

UK Domestic Transfer

    • Quickly move money within the UK via CHAPS, BACS, or Faster Payments

Mass Payout

    • Be it payroll or a recurring expenditure with your suppliers, pay them with just one click.
    • Save time and resources by streamlining all international transfers using our bulk payments option.

 Inter-PayAlly Remittance

    • Avoid costly bank charges by centralising different subsidiary accounts under one roof
    • Enrol your suppliers and customers into PayAlly so moving of international funds can be a local activity

Get Paid Quickly with Payment Links

Request funds instantly using a unique payment link or QR code, offering your clients an alternative way to send and receive money without sharing your account details.

Payment Approvals to Stay in Control

PayAlly’s secure system verifies whether transfers are genuine by incorporating permissions protocols in the process. All transfers must be approved using an authentication method of your choosing.

Schedule Payments that Suit You

Master your cash flow management and never miss a payment deadline by scheduling recurring and important one-off payments.


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