OTO – CBD Mini Sleep Drops

OTO – CBD Mini Sleep Drops


OTO CBD Sleep Drops contain 10% CBD as well as a hand-selected blend of calming botanicals like lavender and butterfly pea flower, to help you wind down, relax and let go of the stresses of the day, so that you can drift into a good night’s sleep.

Uniquely designed to deliver 50mg of CBD at the simple push of a button, our one-of-a-kind tincture has the refreshing taste of field mint, making it ideal to use just before bed after brushing your teeth. This 15ml bottle is designed to last you a full 30 days.

Taking OTO Sleep Drops will not leave you feeling drowsy or tired. Instead, they are specifically created to maintain balance within your body, helping you sync with your natural sleep cycle.

Product Details

“One pipette of this one delivers the right amount of pure CBD for the job and I can attest to its brilliance.” Vogue

“Life-enhancing wellness gift to pamper mind, body and soul this Christmas” Tatler

“These are the best CBD Sleep Drops to take at bedtime for a restful sleep ” Get the Gloss

“The OTO CBD Sleep Drops… are guaranteed to impress” Marie Claire

“OTO’s one-of-a-kind tincture provides a refreshing taste of mint making it stress-free and enjoyable to use after brushing your teeth” Stylist


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