OTO – CBD Mini Hand Balm

OTO – CBD Mini Hand Balm


OTO Ritual Hand Balm combines pure CBD with a complementary blend of shea butter, olive oil and aloe vera leaf, offering intense moisturising benefits and helping prevent damage by UV light. The top of the hands is where you will most easily absorb the OTO Ritual Hand Balm, and with so many other botanical and functional benefits, this incredibly powerful hand cream is a great carry-around for smooth and protected skin.

Intended as a 'top-up' daily product, designed for its convenience and ease of use, it is best enjoyed alongside other OTO products to experience the full benefits and power of CBD.

Product Details

“This hand cream saved my pandemic-induced dry skin. Not only is the packaging dreamy and the smell to-do-for, but thanks to its potent mix of CBD and complementary botanicals, it offers instant hydration as well as protection from UV light.” Glamour “The Ritual Hand Balm combines premium quality and pure CBD isolate with rich, hydrating ingredients to help soothe and nourish dry skin.” Lifestyle Asia


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