Orac Decor – 3D Wallcoverings

Orac Decor – 3D Wallcoverings

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Add texture and dimension to your space with our 3D wallcovering panels. Go for a full wall of coverings or use individually to create a feature or decorate a piece of furniture. These are durable, lightweight, water-resistant and paintable and create a wide range of opportunities to personalise your interior space. This year we launched 5 new 3D designs, two of which also come in a longer 2.6m version (perfect for reaching those full wall heights)! Discover our W117 Slope, W119 Bar Mix, W212 Valley Loop, WX204 Ripple and WX205 Track.

Product Details

Our 3D wall coverings come as single 2000mm by 250mm wide panels. Each panel comes primed and can be sprayed or hand painted with your chosen finish. All panels are durable, lightweight and easy to install with only adhesive required. Made from a high-density Purotouch material, these are water resistant making them perfect for interior/exterior use (just ensure the correct adhesive and an appropriate paint is used). Panels like the W108, W109 and W110 also have acoustic absorption properties, ideal for cinema rooms or large, open spaces. Our 5 new 3D designs launched earlier this year, W117 Slope, W119 Bar Mix, W212 Valley Loop, WX204 Ripple and WX205, offer even more opportunity to transform your space into something beautiful. WX204 and WX205 is also available in longer 2600mm lengths making it easier to reach those full wall heights. We also have an elegant, rounded panel PX209 which compliments the W212 Valley Loop perfectly when used as a trim. Get in touch for more info.


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