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LANTERN will allow you to mark out your paths, entrances, circulation or parking areas, etc.  The newly created “Lantern” lamp is part of the OBELIE range of cordless lamps.  It therefore has the same technology as the brand’s lamps, namely long-life battery, induction charging, HF remote control, 2 lighting zones (warm white downlight, independently of the colors on the side)  It is possible to charge it via a single or multiple base of 5, which can be integrated into a charging flightcase too. Design & Production in FRANCE

Product Details

  • Metallic structure
  • Height (excluding ring) 400 mm and length/width 210 mm
  • Sealing IP65 (heart of lantern)
  • Remote control  > 200 m
  • Battery autonomy 12 hours at 100% intensity
  • Stem not included
  • Diffuser customization possible

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