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LAMOURETTE brings confortable indirect no glaring light with real efficiency, no additional light is required.

CHAMBORD is part of the LAMOURETTE collection:  its stem is made of  black thermocoated  stainless steel and a discrete black lampshade. The design and production are done in FRANCE.

The dual lighting enhance the lighted area, and brings additional confort due to less contrast between the surrounding dark space & the downlight projected on the table.

Our lamps are powered by a LifePO4 battery (cobalt free), with inductive charging, means real contactless.

This collection is fully customizable: lamp-stand, materials, finishes (painting, brushing, Chrome plating), shades patterns and design.

Product Details

Height 30 cm (S) & 35 cm (L) weight 1,2 Kg

Material: Stainless Steel (SS) with black thermocoating

Light characteristics:

  • Downlight Warm white 2700 K, 240 lm
  • Sidelight RGB
  • CRI > 90+
  • 2 buttons for light dimming & colors switching
  • 15 preset colors & 4 lighting graduations

Battery LifePO4 6000 mAh with > 2000 cycles

Charging time: 8h (induction – no contact)

Operating time: from 6h30 to 40h

DMXHF control (option)

Sealing: IP20

CE marking performed by an external laboratory

Sustainable product (2000 cycles batt, mostly recyclable, no Li ion / no cobalt, Earth & Human friendly)

3 year warranty

Designed & produced in France


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