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In these pieces, titled 'Silence Composition,' Spanish artist Jaime Jurado highlights the craftsmanship that he consistently brings to each of his works. These particular pieces stands out for its manual skill.

The composition has an extraordinary visual impact. The use of hand-torn paper and hand-cut matting, combined with the artist's meticulously created spontaneous incisions, imparts uniqueness and unparalleled distinction to each work.

The interplay between the different pieces not only underscores the creator's mastery but also allows for a comprehensive appreciation of the artwork, unveiling hidden connections and meanings.

The chromatic choice, or rather its absence, accentuates the purity of the paper, while the interaction of these opposing tones creates a visually striking composition. The artwork evokes a sense of timelessness and simplicity, where black and white harmonize, revealing an aesthetic balance that captures the essence of creativity in its purest form.

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A magnificent piece on paper with glass by Jaime Jurado size 64 x 93 cm each. With its fondness of color will undoubtedly convey a feeling of depth and expansiveness to even the most limited space.


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