Modbar – Wally

Modbar – Wally

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Automatic milk steamer creating the perfect milk every time.
Wally Milk’s automatic operation mimics the barista’s motions, freeing up their hands to focus on what matters most, the customer.

Automatic volume recognition, vortex steam tip, and simple pitcher tray provides barista-quality milk foam with the simple push of a button.

Wally Milk can be programmed with up to 20 recipes, making it possible to easily work with dairy and non-dairy milks and a multitude of temperatures and levels of milk aeration. 

Product Details

This automatic milk steamer acts as an additional steam wand, tapping directly into your Modbar steam undercounter unit.

It comes with three milk pitchers (250ml/8oz, 400ml/14oz and 700ml/24oz) and, thanks to its infrared sen-sors automatically recognizes which pitcher is being used. It is also possible to use any matte finish pitcher, between 250ml/8oz and 700ml/24oz.

Height (cm/in) 49 / 19

Width (cm/in) 22,5 / 9

Depth (cm/in) 32,5 / 13

Weight (kg/lbs) 10 / 22

Voltage 110V – 220V

Wattage 45 W

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