Mats4U – Value Rubber Scraper Mat With Holes

Mats4U – Value Rubber Scraper Mat With Holes

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Our value range of rubber Scraper mats are ideal for a variety of purposes that include outdoor use, kitchen use, non-slip safety mats and anti-fatigue mats. Large drainage holes mean that liquids as well as any dirt or debris can fall easily away and leave a clean and hygienic surface that is safe and sturdy.

The value Rubber Scrape Mat with Holes is currently available to buy in the following sizes: 60 x 90cm and 90 x 150 cm.

Product Details

For a non-slip, hygienic, multi-purpose mat, look no further than the Value Rubber Scraper Mat. With large drainage holes across its surface area, this mat is ideal for surface areas that need to be clean as well as have non-slip properties. This, combined with its anti-fatigue qualities, makes it the ideal option for industrial kitchens, where chefs are standing for long periods of time.

The benefits of the cost-effective rubber mat include:

  • Helps to alleviate pressure to the joints and muscles
  • Non-slip
  • Dirt and liquid quickly falls through, providing a safe standing surface
  • Bevelled edging minimises trips and allows wheeled traffic to smoothly pass onto and over the mat
  • Easy to clean

Non-slip anti-fatigue mat features: 

  • A comfortable standing area with excellent scraping, drainage and non-slip properties.
  • A scraper top to wipe dirt and heavy mud, sand, grit and snow etc off footwear.
  • Anti-fatigue properties through comfort of the rubber cushioning underfoot.
  • Bevelled edges enable the smooth transition of wheeled traffic over mat and reduce risk of tripping on edges of mat.
  • Slip-resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents. Non-skid backing keeps mat in place.


Construction: Solid Rubber
Mat Height: 12mm
Weight: 7.4kg/m2


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