Mats4U – Grease Hog Kitchen Mats

Mats4U – Grease Hog Kitchen Mats

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Grease proof mats designed to remove and hold onto grease from footwear. Grease Hog mats stop the transition of grease from kitchen to dining area in order to protect flooring and carpet stains.

Product Details

Grease Hog Grease Proof Kitchen mats have a textile top which scrapes and wipes footwear, removing the grease that can be carried from the kitchen and food preparation areas into the customer facing dining areas. They help reduce staining on carpets and slips on hard floors.

Gripper backing helps stop the mat from moving around.


A. For use in greasy environments such as kitchens to stop oil and grease being tracked onto surrounding floors which may stain dining room floors and cause slip and fall hazards

B. Grease-proof nitrile rubber backing and solution dyed fabric will not fade or rot

C. Bi-level construction with reinforced rubber nubbed surface provides an anti slip, scraper surface and prevents the pile from crushing

D. Low profile fabric surface for easy cleaning and quick drying. Mild detergent and hot water can be brushed in with a broom and the mat then hung to dry

E. Borders are reinforced, low profile and bevelled to allow smooth transition of carts and traffic

F. Heavy construction and anti slip backing help the mat resist movement

G. Charcoal colour hides stains until mat can be cleaned


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