Manduka Yoga – YOGA STRAP

Manduka Yoga – YOGA STRAP

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The multi-purpose tool of yoga! Straps help yogis get deeper in their asana, create traction, extend or lengthen your reach and assist with balance. Providing yourself with extra space opens up possibilities and ranges of motion to all levels of yogi - from sinking further into a stretch to accessing an advanced bind you haven't quite been able to nail yet. Yoga straps are a practical tool when working to increase flexibility or opening up tighter muscles. A good addition to your hotel studio and gym offering your guests the ability to enhance their yoga or workout. 

We offer 2 varieties of yoga strap - the AligN and the unfoLD. Both are with metal buckles - making them more secure and versatile than the looped ones you can find on the market - and come in various lengths, widths and colours.

Product Details

The AligN yoga strap is an advanced strap, modeled after the original strap design of the legendary BKS Iyengar. Equipped with a Manduka proprietary buckle and a secure interlocked system to eliminate slipping and provide support in even the most challenging positions. No time wasted – easy to buckle and unbuckle. Made with 100% natural, unbleached cotton for eco-friendly, comfortable grip and sturdiness. Offered in two lengths 243cm or 304cm. The Align strap is the widest of the two options at 4.5cm, this provides a larger surface area when pressing against your body and thus causes less digging into the body when pulling tight.

The UnfoLD yoga strap is a perfect entry level strap great for beginners who need help with flexibility or intermediate yogis looking to try new positions. Slightly narrower at 3cm and thinner than the more traditional AligN Strap, the Unfold strap is perfect for on the go. It’s a square profile strap with an innovative sure-secure buckle that holds tight. Made from 100% recycled polyester. Comes in two lengths 182cm or 243cm. The polyester blend is used to strengthen the tensile strength of the strap and ensure the cotton does not stretch when pulled. The Align strap is thick and wide enough that the 100% cotton construction does not stretch and thus is not required to have a polyester mix.


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